The Porta Messina Restaurant-Pizzeria is one of the oldest inTaormina, and is situated in the historical centre, with the original Greek city walls of the city running alongside the veranda, making it unique and enchanting.

For several years, the restaurant has offered the opportunity to attend Cooking Courses and the Pizzeria School at its premises.

The courses are aimed at both beginners and experts, and offer a fun, educational and unique experience.

Become a Chef

Every day, the chef accompanies "students" of all ages to the fish market and the neighbourhood market in Taormina, showing them how to shop and choose the best products meat and seafood products, respecting the correct seasonal cycles and always opting for quality.

Students will then be taken to the restaurant's kitchen, where they will learn to cut, knead, cook, bake, season and taste, but above all to create the best dishes from Sicilian tradition and other cuisines.

After two hours of enthralling and entertaining work, you will be invited to sit at the table and savour all the dishes you have prepared, and those prepared for you by our professionals.

For the curious amongst you, the restaurant offers the chance to learn how to make handmade fresh pasta according to tradition, macaroni, stuffed ravioli, bread, pizza dough, couscous and legumes. 

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