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almond paste, canned fish, regional sweets

Hotel Andromaco   is a charming hotel located in Taormina that is open all year round and offers a friendly and attentive service to all guests who decide to stay and discover the beauty of Sicily.

It has elegant and refined rooms, a beautiful pool overlooking the Bay of Taormina and a magical atmosphere, guaranteeing the best possible holiday.

La Tipica

La Tipica Sicilia

One of our suppliers is La tipica Sicilia, a company that specialises in the retail and wholesale of typical Sicilian products, making prompt deliveries throughout Italy and around the world.

Their delicacies include almond paste, pistachio from Bronte, canned fish from the Favignana tuna fishery, fine wines and typical liqueurs.

These excellent Sicilian treats are organic with zero food miles, so you can take a piece of Sicily back with you!

Quality products

The restaurant only uses top quality materials that best reflect the genuine and organic characteristics of local products.

Our partners represent excellence in their fields.

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